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【管理栄養士監修】気分に合わせて小腹を満たすミックスナッツの定期便。 バディナッツはちょっと小腹が空いたとき、そのときの気分に合わせて選べるミックスナッツです。さっと取り出しておいしくヘルシーに楽しめる、完全無添加のミックスナッツをお届けします。

BuddyNuts - バディナッツ is an e-commerce website that was registered on June 6, 2022. The store is hosted on the Shopify platform under the account name buddynuts.myshopify.com. The publicly registered domain name for this store is buddynuts.store.

The store collects payments in the JPY currency, and uses the Japanese language setting for its website.

The store owner can be contacted via email at hello@luckym.co.jp

Note: This website, Merchant Genius, is not affiliated with BuddyNuts - バディナッツ. Please contact the store owner directly for any issues or questions pertaining to the online store.

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